Linnaeus-Palme is a SIDA-funded programme administered by the Swedish Council for Higher Education. The aim is to contribute to a broader resource base for international development cooperation and increased quality in higher education, through teacher and student exchange between higher education institutions in Sweden and higher education institutions in low- and middle-income countries.

The program is administered by the International Program Office at UHR where Swedish institutions of higher education have the opportunity to apply for project funding annually.

Each faculty at Lnu has a designated Linnaeus-Palme Coordinator:


Linnaeus-Palme Partnership


Linnaeus University has submitted 16 project applications to UHR within the Linnaeus-Palme Partnership programme and all applications have been granted. Congratulations to all project applicants"

A list of approved L-P Partnership projects.

If you have already received a project within L-P Partnership, you will find all information regarding the terms and conditions of financial reporting on the UHR website.