Linnaeus-Palme (L-P) is a Sida funded exchange programme for teachers and students at undergraduate and graduate levels at higher education institutions.

The programme gives higher education institutions in Sweden opportunities to develop mutual partnerships with higher education institutions in low- and middle-income countris and integrate global perspectives and increase the quality in higher education.

The programme is administrated by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR), where Swedish higher education institutions have the opportunity to annual apply for project funding.

Each faculty at Linnaeus University has a designated Linnaeus-Palme Coordinator:

Linnaeus-Palme Planning

L-P Planning provides the opportunity to apply for mobility funds for planning for a future partnership project with another higher education institution in one of the programme’s eligible collaboration countries.

Each department submits its own application (no frame application from the university) and the Head of Department has the financial responsibility for the project. The Head of Department needs to confirm his/her support by a written confirmation to the L-P Institutional Coordinator and the Vice-Chancellor also has to accept the terms of the program before applications are submitted. For more information about the process, please read Linnaeus-Palme Planning Step-by-Step.

At last year's call (October 2021) Linnaeus University submitted three applications and they were all granted. 

Please see the information below about L-P Partnership.

Linnaeus-Palme Partnership

If your department is thinking about starting a collaboration within the Linnaeus-Palme programme, it is recommended to start by applying for a planning trip, which can be done within Linnaeus-Palme Planning.


The call 2022 for funds for Linnaeus-Palme Partnership is now open. The application is submitted online in UHR’s application system. You can write the application in Swedish or English. Please, read Step-by-Step and use UHR's online application guide

Internal deadline at Lnu: February 28, at 23:59

Deadline: March 15, 2022, at 12:00

If you already have been granted for L-P Partnership project, all information regarding terms and procedures for financial reporting is available on UHR’s website How it works.

In the 2020 call, all 16 project applications from Linnaeus University were granted.