Responsible Internationalisation

Linnaeus University (Lnu) has a longstanding tradition of internationalisation. The university's Action Plan for Internationalisation 2022–2025 stipulates that: "internationalisation is part of the university's core activities and the perspective is central in both the goals and vision for Linnaeus University. Internationalisation is a tool for achieving higher quality, and international issues are expected to be an integrated perspective in all parts of the university's operations". Responsible Internationalisation (Aint) is a strategy for increasing our knowledge about the world, protecting and promoting our democratic norms and values, and academic freedom. On this page, we have compiled information and links to support your work with Aint.

Internal Assignment 2023-2024

A working group has been tasked to develop skills and working methods for responsible internationalisation (Aint) at Lnu during 2023–2024. Attached to the working group are representatives from the Office of External Relations and Daniel Silander, associate professor at the Department of Political Science. Daniel's areas of expertise are autocratisation and democratisation, international security, as well as the EU and the European Neighbourhood Policy. Daniel has previously been a member of the Scholars at Risk European Coordinating Committee for Academic Freedom Advocacy.

National Assignment

The Swedish government has instructed the Swedish Council for Higher Education, the Swedish Research Council, and Vinnova to propose how the work with responsible internationalisation within higher education, research, and innovation that is conducted at universities and university colleges, by government research funders, and other authorities can be promoted. The assignment should be partially reported no later than 31 March 2024, and be finalised no later than 15 December 2024. The task is coordinated by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

A Page Under Construction

Responsible internationalisation is an area that many higher education institutions are currently placing great emphasis on. As the world situation changes and the concept gains more importance and dissemination, knowledge increases and new resources are added. The information on resources for responsible internationalisation is continuously updated, and we welcome suggestions for resources and relevant links.