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Routines for Visits

Who plans, coordinates, welcomes and takes responsibility for international visits?

In January 2014, the university director signed a decision that established Regulations for establishment of international collaboration agreements, a document that gives the faculty responsibility for international collaboration agreements that are specific for the faculty, department or a field of subject. The office of external relations (ER) is still responsible for university-wide international collaboration agreements. Since then, a clarification on who welcomes what international visits to Linnaeus University has been requested. 

Responsible for university-wide new and existing collaboration agreements is the region manager for each respective region at ER.

Responsible for new and existing agreements that are specific for faculty, department or field of subject is each respective faculty.The person responsible at each respective faculty is listed below.

ER can take part in the visit, if invited by the faculty, and provide general information about Linnaeus University's internationalisation work. Prior to a visit, ER can also contribute with region- or country-specific information, information on existing agreements with the country in question, etc.
These routines for visits should be seen as guidance for the planning and reception of (new or existing) international collaboration partners visiting Linnaeus University.
The supporting document Linnaeus University Partnership Proposal Form can be found below.