Order new course room

All new and existing course rooms must be set up in Moodle. Below you'll find information regarding ordering procedures for your faculty/department.

School of Business and Economics

Course rooms (for coming courses) are created for you. If you haven't received one, please contact Christoph Tiedtke

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

If you want help creating a room for you, please contact your ICT educational developers at FHL: ICT educational developers at FHL
Teachers can also create their own rooms at Kursrumsportalen: https://kursrumsportalen.lnu.se.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

If you want to order a course room, go to this page.
If you have questions, please contact the ICT educational developers at FKH.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Teachers (or other) responsible for the course creates their own rooms at Kursrumsportalen https://kursrumsportalen.lnu.se.
If you have questions, please contact the ICT educational developers at FSV
Staff at the Police Academy are to contact Viktoria Wärn

Faculty of Technology

Use this link to order a course room.
The Maritime Academy uses Kursrumsportalen to create their own rooms https://kursrumsportalen.lnu.se

If you have questions, please contact the ICT educational developers at FTK.

Course room portal

The university also offers an automated function kalled "Kursrumsportalen" (course room portal), https://kursrumsportalen.lnu.se, where you easily make your own course-, programme- or project room and have it created instantly, 24/7. But please take note of your faculty's routines on creating rooms above.

Video about the Course room portal