Moodle 4

The next upgrade of MyMoodle will be the new Moodle 4, specifically version 4.1. This will mean some changes for you as a user. In connection with the upgrade, the system will also be renamed from MyMoodle to Moodle.

Most of the technical development is done "behind the scenes" and all of the functions remain, but the appearance is a little different and you may not find a certain function in the same place as you are used to. 

Please note that nothing in your existing courses will change! They will be the same after the switch and all your content will be in place. 

We are now switching to Moodle's default theme, which means that some interface changes will take place. You can read more about this further down.

The upgrade will take place on the weekend of October 21- 22. 

Please see the operational information for details about the upgrade:

On this page you will find information about the changes and what is new in Moodle 4. Please come back here as we continue to publish news and facts as we receive more information.

Feel free to join the employee channel "MyMoodle Nyheter" where you can take part in the latest news and be alerted when this page has new information.