Upgrade of MyMoodle

On August 19, 2019, we upgraded to version 3.6 of MyMoodle.

Known issues

We still have a problem with the navigation menu for some users in some courses. 
If you are in a course where the navigation menu is folded, not showing the current course and the link to participants, you can work around that by clicking the link "My courses". This will show you all your courses and in that list the Current course is shown, together with the participant link.
You can also go to the menu "Administration -> Course administration->Users->Enrolled users". It is the same participant list.
We hope to have a fix in place soon.

The upgrade is done to keep a steady pace with improved functionality and to maintain the security of the system. There is currently no time of year when we do not have ongoing course activities, and the timing of the upgrade is selected based on a number of different factors in order to avoid the disruption to the business to the best possible extent.

An overview of the biggest changes. English subtitles available.