LnuPlay is Linnaeus University's media service/portal with focus on web-based production, storage, and distribution of video.

The media system has a strong integration with our Learning platform, Moodle. As a teacher you are able to manage video, audio and image files directly from your course room. You are able to:

  • upload existing video/sound files/images clips for storage and distribution. The system accepts most of the standard formats for digital video/sound/images and re-code them to a format suitable for all viewers.
  • produce your own videos directly within Moodle, for example record your self with the use of a web camera, perhaps as a welcome message or a weekly information letter in video format.
  • make your own screen cast recordings giving a lecture, show how to use a software, commenting a student assignment and so on.

The media you upload or record are easily accessible from within Moodle for reuse in other courses and contexts.

LnuPlay can also be used for audio files and images, in the same manner as with video.

play.lnu.se - Our portal

The second part of LnuPlay is the portal, play.lnu.se

This is where you log in to find all the media that you have produced or uploaded from Moodle and the portal gives you the option to further edit them and give it some final touches. You are able to...

  • add meta data and perform simpler video editing to trim the beginning and end of a video and chop out parts in the middle.
  • create child clips from a video to publish as a copy from a section of a longer video.
  • choose different ways to publish your videos by creating play lists and channels. Play lists may be embedded to a course room in Moodle or any web page in the world.
  • produce video by uploading and recording directly from the portal..


The media service, managed by the University Library and Learning Environment, will continue to evolve in cooperation with representatives from the staff.