picture showing the new recorder

Kaltura Capture - The new recorder

This summer, a new recorder is launched linked to LnuPlay, Kaltura Capture, which in October 2019 will replace the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.

The new recorder, Kaltura Capture, is a new program that is installed in the same way as the old CaptureSpace. Kaltura has developed the new recorder itself, unlike the one previously developed by a subcontractor (https://www.collaaj.com).

The new recorder will also provide a simpler interface and less to keep track of for you as a user.

Kaltura has announced that they will stop updating / maintaining the "old" Kaltura CaptureSpace from June 17, which means that we are now starting to launch the replacement during the summer. We have tested it intensively during the spring and have not been satisfied with the quality earlier, but the latest version seems more stable.

Learning Environment will therefore turn on the new recorder and let the old one remain in parallel as long as it is supported by our supplier. There will be a major upgrade to the play-system in October 2019 and after that the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder will stop working.

Read more on this page for more facts and also see our guides at serviceportalen.lnu.se

Intro video (english subtitles available via the CC button)