Contact & Support

We're here to help. If you want to get in touch with people managing the system or need support, please use the following contact list.

Technical support

Contact the IT-department

Application support

Contact your local ICT/IT pedagogue or the IT-department

School of Business and Economics, FEH

Christoph Tiedtke

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, FKH

Romana Dvorak

Peter Carlsson

Anja Noack-Thordin

Faculty of Social Sciences FSV

Pehr-Henric Danielsson

Ida Qvarnström

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, FHL

Micke Andersson

Fateme Yazdi

Jonas Nilsson

Mattias Johansson

Faculty of Technology, FTK

Micael Carlsson

Birgitta Gillsjö

Pia Palm

Brian Kottonya

System management

Management leader

Peter Diedrichs, Learning Environment - Section for Higher Education

Management leader IT

Marie Fors, IT-department

System manager

Peter Häggstrand, Learning Environment - Section for Higher Education