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Upgrade of LnuPlay

The weekend of August 25-27, 2023, NORDU.net will make a necessary upgrade of Kaltura (LnuPlay).

The work will begin on Friday November 25 at 4pm and will continue during the evening. While the upgrade is in progress, the Kaltura service might periodically not be running. The rest of the weekend there will be tests and eventual fixes.

This means that LnuPlay will sometimes be shut down while the work is in progress. Media that are in LnuPlay will therefore not be shown on eg lnu.se and Moodle. It is also not possible to upload new media. If this happens, wait a while and try again.

The system will be upgraded to version 5.108.602 (Regional Clouds Release 22Q4 - December 9th, 2022). You can read more about the version at Kaltura release pages.

Please not that there is a difference between their Cloud releases and the on premise (onPrem) releases. We use onPrem served by NORDUnet in Denmark.