How to allow download of your media

The possibility to allow your media to be downloaded opens up for your students and other to access your media even if not connected to the internet.

There are three different ways you can make your media downloadable and which way to choose depends on in what context and to whom you want it to be available.

Keep in mind that two of the ways actually allows for the user to spread your media and use it in other contexts since the file will end up on the end-users computer or handheld. You are still always protected by the copyright and any license associated with your media (meaning that the user is not allowed to do it freely, but can).

This page primarily addresses the "new" method to download media, but the other two methods are also described further down:

  1. Allow downloads from within Moodle
  2. Allow downloads from the Kaltura App
  3. Create an embedded player with download function on other pages

Allow downloads from within Moodle

If you want your students to be able to download media from your course room in Moodle, the easiest way is to use the new download function and mark the media as downloadable.

Instructions for this is also available as a PDF file at the end.

What does downloads from within Moodle mean?

If you allow your media to be downloadable and put it in the course Media Gallery the student can go to the media and by a "Downloads" button find links to the media in different quality versions for download.

The media file gets downloaded to the students computer or handheld and can be viewed there without any internet connection. The file will remain on the students computer until he or she deletes it.

The media can only be downloaded if you have allowed in its settings and can only be accessed from within the course rooms where you have opted to publish it inside the Media Gallery. This also means that this method doesn't work in courses with guest access since there is no Media Gallery available for guests only.

The download function won't work in any other instance within Moodle but the Media Gallery, i.e. not able to download from within a forum submission, video resource or embedded in a page inside Mymoodle. The media needs to be presented on its own "page" where all the meta data is visible and the buttons "Share" and "Actions" appear. This only happens from within the Media Gallery.

How to allow downloads from Moodle's Media Gallery

1. Activate downloads on your media

Go to Moodle -> Help & Resources -> My media to see your media in a list. Click on Edit on the media you want to allow downloads from.

NOTE: Media can not be edited if its previously published somewhere inside Moodle. The Edit-button will be dimmed down. If so you have to unpublish it first from the places it resides. Click on the small plus sign to the right of the media to open up the info about where it is published.

Already published
Settings for download
While in editing mode, click on the tab "Downloads" (1) and check which quality versions you want to offer for downloading (2). Finish by saving it with (3).
Bare in mind that the quality you choose has to be in our system to be downloadable. Meaning that if you know your media was of low resolution to start with, it's no point checking the HD quality.
finished result
This is what the download looks like for your media afterwards.
A student can pick which version to download in the same way.