A playlist

Create a playlist

Playlists are a way to combine several media that are related to each other in a list inside a player.

The viewer will be presented to a player showing the current media and to the right or below the main player is a list with other media that you have decided to show there. The viewer can then jump between the different media in the list at any time by clicking it. The playlist is dynamic meaning that if you make changes to your playlist (adding or removing media items) the playlist will get automatically updated on all instances that you have decided to publish it. A playlist can be reused on any number of web pages or blogs and they all get updated when ever you make a change from within play.lnu.se.

You have the option to publish your playlist withing your course room in Moodle, on a blog page or any other web page that allows you embed HTML code that you get from your playlist page in play.lnu.se

NOTE: Media that you add to a playlist retains the publishing level (access level) that you have set on the individual media files. This means that if you add media that is set to Private no one will be able to view it despite being inside the playlist.

Before you can add media to a playlist you need to add meta data for the media. This is done by clicking "Edit" on the media you want to change when logged in to play.lnu.se and "My Media". Fill out all mandatory fields and save your media file.