Alternative publishing methods

There are different alternatives to publish video and audio in, Mymoodle or other places. This is a summary of your options.


Obtaining video/audio published in Mymoodle is handled by the course room settings like all other documents placed there.

Playlist created on

A playlist created in our portal is shown with the same conditions for access that the videos have, even if the playlist is embedded on a public web page. That means that a video within
 a playlist that isn´t made public to the world through a category (see below) will not be shown if the user isn't logged in with a Lnu account.

Channel created on

The accessability of the channels are controlled in different ways, but in all instances the user has to be logged in. Without a Lnu account you are not able to see videos only published in a channel.

Embedded on a webpage

The code for embedding on a web page can be obtained from by the person owning the video. When the code gets used by embedding on a web page the video will also be available for anyone accessing that page. Meaning that if the web page is fully public, the embedded video will also be public there even if you have set the video to be "Private" in the portal

Categories on

By publishing the video in a category you open it up to the "world" and it also gets indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. Visitors can search and find the video without the need to log in and the link to the video can be shared to ohters. The video/audio can at the same time be used on all the above ways.