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Analytics and statistics

You now have access to powerful analytic and statistic tools in LnuPlay where you can view the impact of your videos/audios, live broadcasts or webcasts.

Regardless if it's media files (video, audio or images) that has been published publicly or contained within your course room in Moodle, you have total control over your statistics.

You can reach the analysis either through our portal,, or by logging in to Mymoodle and choose "My Media". Click on the media file you want to analyse and then click on the "Actions" button in the down right corner. Choose "Analytics" to see all the data about your media file and how your visitors have interacted with it.

See the full user guide at Serviceportalen (link below).

Analytics within Moodle

Analytics in mymoodle

You can also view how your media files have been used by your students in your class room by going to Moodle and your class room. Once there, in the course menu at the top, click on the link "More" and select "LnuPlay Media Gallery". From there, click on the button "Actions". You now get an overview of the statistics for all the media files used in your course and in what way your students have interacted with them. You also get a list of students that have contributed with media content themselves.