Capture on the computer screen

Kaltura Capture - the new recording tool

Kaltura Capture is the new tool to record your screen, web camera or interactive presentation

Kaltura Capture (refered to as Capture from now on) is a new recording tool from Kaltura that replaces the older Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.

Capture is a small application that you install yourself on your computer and it enables you to easy record what's happening on your screen.

In this short tutorial we show you real quick how to get started with Capture. A more indepth English manual can be found at Serviceportalen (see links below). Talk to your ICT pedagogue or the IT-department if you are in need of further assistance.

Get started with Capture

The first time you want to use Capture, start from a course room in Mymoodle.

  1. Click on Site home in your navigation window, My Media drops down. click on that link (see image to the left)
  2. On the My Media page, choose Add new > Kaltura Capture (NEW recorder)

A download page appears. Choose the version suited for your computer (Windows or Mac)

Please note the System Requirements! If your computer doesn't meet up with these requirements, CaptureSpace will not work properly!

4. Go through with the installation, following the instructions.
5. You may now use the new tool, Capture


  • When your computer and web browser has "understood" that Capture is installed you are supposed to receive the message Capture launched successfully the next time you choose to record with Capture from Mymoodle or
  • If you get the message, but still can't see the Capture tools its application window might be hidden behind another application window. Look behind other windows.
  • If you do not restart the web browser you may happen to see the download window once more, but should still be able to launch and use Capture
  • Some web browsers may not show the window but Capture should start never the less.

Record with Capture

Go to the My Media page, a Video resource, assignment or forum where you want to add a video and click on the icon Kaltura media

Your My Media window re-opens. Click on Add new and then on Kaltura Capture (NEW recorder).

If asked, accept the webpage to launch Capture.

The application starts and is ready for you to record with as follows:

  1. Only Voice –through Microphone or headset (de-select other options)
  2. Web Camera – built in or external (de-select screen if you only want camera)
  3. Screen image with sound – What's happening on your computer screen with voice from microphone or headset (de-select camera if you want screen only)
  4. Screen & WebCam – What's happening on your screen together with your web camera and sound (make sure all three sources are active)
  5. Presentations – Set it to record full screen. Record your Microsoft Powerpoint presentation with the option of additional web camera and voice.

Note!: The microphone in a headset or other externally connected microphone is often a better quality choice than your computers built in microphone.

Specific information for Mac-users

In order to let the keyboard control your presentation in CaptureSpace (i.e. using left and right arrows to shift slides during presentations) and for the slide transitions to work when recording a Powerpoint presentation in the Presentations & Lectures mode, CaptureSpace needs permission to control the computer that way.

OS X 10.8

In this version of the Operating System you go to System Preferences > Universal Access > Keyboard kryssa för “Enable access for assistive devices”.

Os X 10.10

Here you go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy Tab, check the box to allow access to Kaltura Capture.