Co-operate and share with others

LnuPlay supports different types of collaboration between you and your colleagues. You can let others view or publish your works, you can have a shared channel and also build a shared resource bank.

Let others use your media

You can, without publishing it, have colleagues view, publish or even edit your media by inviting them to the media file.

By default, only you have access to your own media, but you can invite others to publish and also make changes, and in this way your entire teaching team can have access to the same film or audio clip for use in their course room.

Log in to and go to "My media". Click "Edit" for the movie / audio file you want to share with others.

Then click the tab "Collaboration".

You have two options, "Change media owner" and "Add collaborator".

Change media owner

If you want, you can change the owner of the film / sound clip. It can be useful if you no longer need it due to a changed area of responsibility. Why not let someone else take over your material? Click on the "Change owner" button and search for the person. Keep in mind that if you change owners, the clip will disappear from your media list and you will no longer be able to use it.

Add collaborator

You can add people who get the right to view, publish and / or edit your media file.

  1. Co-viewer: By giving the right to view a media you can let others check your video before you, for example, publish it. Only you and the person you are inviting can see the film via their media list. Can also be used by a student to let you view their work in private.
  2. Co-publisher: By giving the person the right to publish, your colleague can upload your media file to their own course room, for example. A good way to collaborate within a teaching team / subject.
  3. Co-editor: Giving editing rights means that your colleague can help with filling in metadata, subtitling, adding pictures, polishing the film, etc. So make changes to the medium.

Search for people you want to add with one or all of the rights above.

The people you added will then find your media file in their list by changing the display filter at the top from "Media I own" to "Media I can View/publish/edit".

For more info, check out the guides at

Create a shared repository or channel

Another great way to share your media in a group of people is to have a joint and shared channel. Everyone who is a member can be allowed to upload media and they can all publish it in return.

Read more about channels: