Lectures in studio or classroom

In our studios, we produce green screen recordings, productions with up to three cameras, and live broadcasts. We can also help you record a podcast using professional equipment.

Recording of online lectures for students on distance courses

We want our students on distance courses to get a good impression of Linnaeus University. Therefore, we offer professional recording of lectures in our studios, free of charge, for courses that are offered only in distance learning format. To submit a request, contact us on: medieproduktion@lnu.se.

Before the lecturer arrives to record a lecture, it is important that he/she is well prepared in order for things to run smoothly, technically as well as other aspects. Bring a finished Powerpoint on a flash drive, or email the material to us before the recording session. If you wish to include pictures or videos in your lecture, we ask you to make a comment on this in your manuscript or Powerpoint. This makes editing easier for us.

Recording of other lectures (not for students on distance courses)

We also produce other lectures. These lectures are charged within the organisation. You will get a professional production, with the possibility to make changes to or renew the material. We archive all our raw material in full resolution and save it on a server. Making changes to the material does not cost anything as long as new recordings are not required. We can change text and images that are no longer relevant in your lecture and remove sequences if needed. To submit a request, contact us on medieproduktion@lnu.se.