Here you will find information about the services provided by Copycenter.

Copycenter is located at Infocenter in Växjö, at the main entrance to
building H.

We can help you with this

  • Copying from paper original or file, in colour or BW.
  • Copying on paper format A6–A3 in the paper weights 75–350 gm.
  • Large format printing up to 1.5 m breadth and desired length (max 30 m) on both paper and cloth.
  • Copying on white or coloured paper
  • Copying on OH film, BW or colour
  • Scanning of pictures and logotypes
  • Volume scanning of text and OCR interpretation
  • Magnification and reduction of text and pictures
  • Stapling and binding of printed matter with spiral binding, perfect binding, as well as saddle stitching and wrapping
  • Lamination
  • Printing of exams
  • Scanning of exams after grading

Where you find us

Copycenter is located on Växjö campus, at Infocenter at the main entrance in building H. Opening hours are Monday–Friday at 10.00–14.00.

Contact us

Contakt: Copycenter, phone (internal) 8611

Ordering printed matter

As an employee at Linnaeus University, you can easily order printed mater from Copycenter by filling out a form and attaching the file you want printed. Keep the following in mind to make the order run as smoothly as possible:

  • Preferably attach files in PDF format. We can handle many other formats as well, but PDF files have been developed specifically for printed matter. Contact the IT Office if you are uncertain as to how to create PDF files.
  • Some orders may be tricky to place through the form. You are very welcome to come to Copycenter to discuss your order with us.
  • Note! Examinations are ordered via the system Salstentamen.