Strategic skills supply

Skills provision refers to making sure that the right competence is available for achieving the University’s operational goals and the fulfilment of its short and long term needs. In this context, our ability to attract, recruit, retain, develop and dismantle competence is a crucial success factor.

The competition for finding top-level competence is fierce, and if we want to succeed, it is important for Linnaeus University to be regarded as an attractive employer. Elements of being attractive are, traditionally, matters concerning opportunities for development, salary and employment conditions etc. Coming generations will to some extent have different values than those we see today, which is why it is important to review what is deemed attractive by those we seek to attract. We also need to be well-prepared to adapt in the best possible manner when certain operations need to be scaled back.

Skills provision efforts must be based on the University’s governing documents, mainly Linnaeus University Vision and Strategy, but also governing policies, plans and programmes. Other important contributing factors are, for example, demographics, political decisions and the situation in the labour market.

In order to get an overview of what kind of skills we need, we have to review the skills we currently have. We need to take a comprehensive approach and look at age, gender and form of employment. Every faculty and department also needs to look over subject orientations, i.e. what cutting-edge expertise is available and how it correspond to the University’s desired profile.

The purpose of the skills provision plan is to provide an overview of the existing competence and clarify what kind of competences will be needed in the future. The plan is also intended to indicate what measures are planned in order to meet the needs, e.g. skills development of already existing employees, recruiting new staff and faculty or dismantling.

The HR-Office is available as a resource in this effort.

Below is a suggestion for a template which may be used for a skills provision plan.