Retendo Academic is the system used for employment planning of all personnel at the departments at Linnaeus University.

Through a common web-based system, we get a holistic approach to employment planning, where even loans of staff between departments are managed and displayed in the employment plans. For the employee, their own service plan is accessible via the web in a clear way. Each department decides for themselves whether employees should only see their own employment plan or the entire department's planning.


How to log in

To log in to the system, go to

Do not enter any login information. Just click the yellow SWAMID button, to log in with the university's login system.


Cheat Sheet for all employees

The following cheat sheet provides an overview of what you see when you log in to Retendo.

If you need help with the system or interpretation of your employment plan, you should contact the employment planner at your department.


Cheat Sheet for those who have been given permission to plan a course or a portfolio

If the employment planner at your department has delegated the planning of an assignment (eg a course) or a portfolio to you, use the following cheat sheet to see how you go to it and do the planning in it.