Student representatives

Student influence

The Swedish Higher Education Act states that students at higher education institutions have a right to influence their education. Students have the right to be represented in decisions and preparation of matters pertaining to their education or situation.

Student influence is an important part of the quality work at Linnaeus University; students are to be seen as active co-creators, who play an important role in influencing and developing their education and their study situation. The University is to encourage, support, and facilitate student engagement in its work with student influence.

Student representatives

There should be student representatives on all preparatory and decision-making bodies that handle matters of education or the students’ situation. For instance, students are entitled to representation on all groups that review the university’s courses and programmes.

All student representatives are to receive financial compensation for each meeting, with the exception of those who already receive remuneration from, or are employed by, the student union. Doctoral student representatives shall receive compensation in the form of an extension of employment. If a representative needs a certificate of attendance, this should be set up by the chair or other equivalent member of the relevant body.

Contact persons at the university

For the work with student representation to work, there need to be contact persons serving as points of contact between the university and the student representatives.

Support for student representatives

During their time of service, student representatives need the support of the university and the student union. The chair of each decision-making or preparatory body is responsible for ensuring that each new student representative is introduced to the function and operation of the relevant body.

Together with the Linnaeus Union, the Office of Student Affairs is responsible for student influence at Linnaeus University.

For further information on student representation and student representatives, please contact:
Marie Brorsson,

Here you can read the university’s local regulations on student representation (currently only available in Swedish).

Information for current students

Here you will find more information on how to get involved as a student.

Online register of student representatives

On the Linnaeus Union’s website, there is a register of active student representatives at the different faculties. Each faculty operates in their own way, and things change on a continuous basis. 
For more information, please visit the student union's page on student representation

Newly established bodies

Notification of newly established bodies