Career Center

For the start of the autumn semester 2021, we have now gathered things relating to career on in one place. Below you will find supplementary information for teachers.

Check out how Career Centre is growing on Also, read an article on the work with Career Centre (only in Swedish).

The tips and material here are suitable for sharing with students at different stages – when they are “new”, when they need to get in touch with external contacts for their education, before internships, before degree projects, and before job search. At the start of the semester - or whenever you feel it is suitable - please help us share the link to the Career Center web page with your students. Also, you are welcome to show the students the little film, both directly in the classroom and on your mymoodle page. 

Feel free to contact us concerning:

  • Support to students who are to apply for internship position
  • Support to students in their thoughts about career and links to the labour market
  • How you can implement career planning on your programme/course
  • Channels and business contacts to find cases for case studies, guest lectures, etc.
  • Collaboration-secured education – a simple tool to document, develop, and present the collaboration that is part of a course/programme
  • Thoughts and questions on how Linnaeus University works with alumni or how you can establish activities for your programme.

Please share information on our university-wide tools

  • The job portal MyCareer – employers can advertise free of charge (summer jobs, full- and part-time jobs, ideas for degree projects, possibilities for internship positions) and students can apply and subscribe to information that is tailored for them.
  • Our career counsellors arrange recurring webinars on, for instance, CV, job interview, etc.
  • Encourage students to become engaged – there is, for instance, the Junior Leadership Academy (registration open during the academic year), the Mentor Programme (registration open May–mid September). Drivhuset also arranges a number of different activities.
  • Encourage students to register as alumni before they leave us!