Course certificate

Course certificate can be issued for course passed at Linnaeus University

The course certificates consists of the course’s scope, grading scale, your achieved grade and the date of the grading. 

The original course certificate is digital with a verifiable e-stamp. The course certificate is bilingual (Swedish and English).

Course certificates are issued for specific courses, with one certificate per course. If the student want a degree certificate for a completed education they can Read more about degree application.

If the student need a certificate for all of the results from his or her studies at Linnaeus University he or she can get an Official transcript of records.

In order for a course certificate to be issued the student have to have passed the course and the final grade for the course must be entered in Ladok.

Course certificates are not issued for transferred credits, however they are presented in an Official transcript of records. Course certificates are not issued for third-cycle courses, however the student can have a certificate of course completion issued by the research secretary at the department/faculty to which the course belongs.

The student apply for a course certificate in Ladok for studenten. If there are any questions, please contact