Written examination

This page presents compiled information concerning written examinations.

Written examinations are handled by our Facilities Administration in order to guarantee the anonymisation process.

A student must be registered in order to be allowed to enter the examination room. A student who is not registered, may show up at the examination room on the day of the examination and be granted a seat if possible, however not until 45 minutes of the examination have passed. A student who is not registered may only be allowed to take the examination if someone who is registered does not show up.
Linnaeus University does not accept late registrations.

If the examination is not ordered through the system "Salstentamen", the examination documents must be copied up by the teacher and left in the examination room in the city in question by 13.00 the day before the written examination. This to make sure that the invigilators have time to prepare all examination documents with the conditions stated for each respective examination.

The placement of students in the examination room is planned 6–4 workdays before the day of the examination and then sent to students, teachers, education administrators, and invigilators via email.

Students are allowed to enter the room 20–30 minutes before start upon presentation of valid identification or passport. 50 minutes after the start, at the earliest, students may leave the room to visit the toilet or to hand in their examination.

Invigilators monitor the examination to make sure that it is carried out in a legally sound way. In cases of suspicion of cheating, the responsible teacher will be contacted and a report will be written and sent to the responsible teacher and to the Disciplinary Board.

Written examinations are collected at the examination room in the city stated when ordering the exam. Examinations can be collected at the earliest two hours after the end of the examination.

Address to Examination room:
Kalmar, Culmen, floor 2, rum Cu2014K
Växjö, Building H, ground floor


System exam https://salstentamen.lnu.se/

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