Student Account

Here you will find information about accounts for students. Students are using the student account in order to register on courses, log on to public computers, accessing course materials in MyMoodle etc.

How do students get their student account?

Students get their student accounts via

Read more about student account at

Validity of student accounts

When the studies begin

Before the student has registered the account will be active for 90 days. After registration the period will be extended automatically.

After completed studies

Student Accounts is active 15 months after the last semester they are registered and ends either April 19 or October 19 depending on if they stop on the fall or spring semester.

For example: If the spring semester of 2014 is the last semester the student is registered, the account is active until October 19 2015. If it is the fall semester 2014 that is the last semester the student is registered to the account is active until April 19, 2015.

Decision on inactivation from the Disciplinary Board

If a student account is disabled due to disciplinary action, it will be disabled three days after LNU Disciplinary has communicated its decision to the student concerned.

Removal of student accounts

A student account that has been inactive for at least one year will be removed.
Removal of a student account means that email and personal file storage on the server will be deleted. A removal of a student account can not be undone.

Information to students before their account expires

A month before an account expires, the student will get an email informing them that the account will be terminated, what they should consider before the account expires, and what they need to do if they are still studying.

14 days before the account expires, they receive a reminder via email.


At Linnaeus Universitys serviceportal you will find more information about student accounts.