Studying with disability

Information regarding adjustments for students with disabilities during digital examinations

Due to the fact that all teaching and examinations are to take place digitally, certain modifications are also inherent for students who have adjustment recommendations in connection with on-site exams. This information has been emailed to all examiners March 23, 2020. It has also been emailed to students who receive special educational support at Linnaeus University. 

In order for you, the examiner, to know that a student has support recommendations in connection with the examination, the student now needs to show his / her support assessment instead. It is enough for the student to email the assessment to you as the examiner so that you can make decisions about necessary adjustments. All students who have a support assessment (where the recommendations are included) have access to the assessment via the page You as the examiner cannot log in on the page, but you can ask the student to log in and download the support assessment as a PDF and email it to you.

If the student is in need of using speech synthesis Claro Read or spell check Stava Rex / Spell right then the student needs to have these programs downloaded on their computer. The student can do this via The programs are free of charge for students and staff.


Students with disabilities can get pedagogical support from the University.

All disabilities are individual which means that it is important that the student gets in touch with a coordinator for students with disabilities as soon as possible, even when they are still at the stage of considering what to study. This is because it so takes time to plan the provision of the help and support that is needed . All support is offered on an individual basis and in order to be provided with support, the student need to have a medical certificate from a doctor, psychologist or approved assessor for reading and writing difficulties.

The help provided by the university is an pedagogical assistance. Computers and any other items required in the home are the responsibility of the municipality and county council (local health authority). In order to obtain help it is important to contact these authorities as early as possible.
For more information, contact the Coordinators for students with disabilities.