Validation of knowledge and competence

If you are registered as a student at Linnaeus University, you have the chance to have prior learning validated.

Validation is the process of surveying, assessing, and recognising prior learning – that is: knowledge, skills, or competencies acquired through education or work experience.

Prior learning towards entry requirements

Even if the students do not meet the formal entry requirements, they may still have the chance to study at a university or university college. If students do not meet the formal entry requirements for the course or programme that they wish to study, they can apply for assessment of prior learning.

Read more about prior learning towards entry requirements here.

Prior learning towards courses

If the students are registered as a students at Linnaeus University, they may have prior learning validated for conversion into credits towards a higher education course. Such learning may consist of previous studies, work experience, or other qualifications that you wish to have validated.

The point of validation is to allow for them to be exempt from studying a course that they already have corresponding qualifications in.

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If you have questions about validation of work experience for RPL, please contact