On this page you find links to Linnaeus University's Self Service portal, where you can place orders and make changes within telephony.


On Linnaeus University’s Self Service portal you can place a new order or make a change to your existing telephony. Click on the links below to go directly to the right page.

In the Infocenter webshop you can place one or more new orders for phone subscription, phone, headset and other accessories.

Use the form Changes telephony if you want to make a change in an existing subscription and/or phone. Examples of changes are new user, change of title, change of cost centre, change of name, etc.

Use the form Cancellation telephony if you want to terminate an existing subscription and/or existing phone.

In the Infocenter webshop you can explore the assortment as well as place orders.

Webshop Guide

How to get to the Webshop:

  1. Log in to Easit Self Service: lnu.easit.net/selfservice with your staff account.
  2. Click on Register
  3. Click on Order
  4. Click on Telephony
  5. Click the Infocenter Webshop

You can also get to the Webshop from Medarbetare: Support and service > Telephony > Orders > Infocenter webshop

Ordering from the Webshop

In the web shop you can order mobile subscriptions, phones and accessories. To get more information about different options, you can click on the article number. NOTE! You cannot use the back button in Easit. To go to the previous page, click on e.g. Phone/Cellphone next to Home to the left.

To add an item in the shopping cart, click on the green button with price under Buy or Rent.

Click on the Cart to the right to go to the checkout.

To remove an item from your cart, you can change the quantity or click on the red button next to the sum. When you are satisfied with the order, click Next.

Fill in your personal information. User, Cost center, Approved by, and Delivery to are mandatory. To send the order, click Save.

Once we have received the order, you will receive an email confirmation with your case number and a summary of your order. If there is something that is not correct in your order, contact us as soon as possible by replying to the email confirmation.

An email is also automatically sent to your manager where they can easily approve or reject the order. You will be notified by email if your boss rejects your order.

When we have received approval, we place the order from Telia. We will let you know when your order has been delivered and you can come and pick it up at the Infocenter.