Before the move

Before it is time for the move to the new facilities at Universitetskajen in Kalmar, we have put together some tips that can be helpful in the cleaning and moving process. Also, see below for a list of the people who work with the planning of the move.

Planning of the move, project group:
Maria Ekstrand LOS – responsible for planning of moving out
Kent Karlsson LOS – responsible for the planning of moving in
Anna-Stina Örnestig and Helena Meldré LOS – responsible for coordination activities move special facilities, furnishing, etc.
Anders Månsson FHL – coordination with activities lab FHL and seawater intake, etc.
Daniel Sohlborg IT (cabling, AV equipment, server room)
Jörgen Franzén LOS (locks and security)
Tommy Andersson EK (procurement) coordination planning for own areas of responsibility and different suppliers etc.
Ted Durdel KOM support with communication
Joachim Peters LOS – responsible for logistics
Peter Nordquist – principal safety representative
Coordination with the university's activities with support from move coordinators

Policy handling of furnishing/equipment before the move

A policy has been decided on concerning the handling of furnishing/equipment before the move:
New facilities at Universitetskajen should
• be uniform and representative
• contribute to a good working environment
• be flexible for future solutions
Furnishing for Universitetskajen is to be chosen based on these conditions
Existing furnishing and equipment that is to be moved along, for example
• Stackable chairs
• Office chairs
• Office tables
• Office storage
When in good condition; there is room in each respective stage; and fulfil the requirement of uniformity
Furnishing and equipment that is to be disposed of is handled in accordance with the following alternatives:
• Relocation to facilities in Växjö
• Sale to the tenant who takes over the existing facilities
• Disposal for reuse, through procured furniture supplier
• Furnishing and equipment that is in too poor condition to be handled in any of these ways will be handed in for material recycling.
Each department/office decides on the handling of its own furnishing and equipment, after consulting the project management. Examples of such equipment can be desk lamps, standing mats and equipment in special facilities.

Waste disposal

Linnaeus University has worked out rules for central waste disposal. In these, it is emphasised that everyone who works within Linnaeus University's facilities is responsible for putting their waste in the right container.
Contact the janitor for your building to get information concerning different sorting solutions, if you have any questions concerning waste disposal or when ordering containers, sacks and moving boxes.

Do you have books in your office that will not be brought along on the move to Universitetskajen?

The University Library is interested in books that are:
- On subjects that are relevant for the university's courses, programmes and research
- A new title in the library's collection or used as course literature
- The latest edition or of relevant content
- In decent condition
Do like this:
- Only a few books? Send them via the internal mail to UB Kalmar
- Many books? Pack them in a moving box and ask the janitors to deliver them to the University Library.
- If you feel uncertain, contact Jan Rehnman,, and discuss with him how best to solve it.