Public lecture rooms

All rooms with seats for more than 50 people as well as indoor squares/places will have special names worked out by the Lnu-anda group.

The principle has been, like with previous work with naming of buildings and outdoor squares, that the names should be clear and distinct and easy to keep apart. One request has been that all groups of names have different initial letters to make it easy to distinguish between them in the room booking system.
For lecture rooms on the west side, the group has been inspired by the connection to the outdoor square Alvaret and chosen the following concepts:
• Granit
• Porfyr
• Diabas
• Marmor
• Flinta
• Krita
• Skiffer
• Antracit
• Basalt
• Lava

For lecture rooms on the east side, the group has been inspired by Neptuni åkrar on northernmost Öland, the blue colours there and the blue colour of the water in the strait. Based on this, the following concepts were chosen, with connection to nature and the colours of the earth:
• Indigo
• Magenta
• Lapis
• Azur
• Ockra
• Umbra
• Sienna
• Cyan