Travel agency - Stureplans Affärsresebyrå AB

Linnaeus University has an agreement regarding travel agency services with Stureplans Affärsresebyrå AB. Business travel should preferably be booked via the online tool, then via email with an attached travel booking form. If it is a complicated trip, you can contact personal service by phone or email. Log in to Stureplan's website by following the link below.

Traveler profile is mandatory

In order to book travel and accommodation via Stureplans, you must have a traveler profile set up. If you are missing a traveler profile, contact thel travel manager, Niklas Johansson.


As an employee, you are entitled to compensation when you, on Linnéus University's behalf, go on a business trip. Governing rules for the compensation levels are available in the Terms Agreement relating to the deductible (tax-free amounts) in Chapter 12 of The Income Tax Act, IL, as well as the local agreement.
All employees fill out expense claims directly in Primula. Travel expenses in paper form are no longer accepted, only for external parties (see appendices).

When you choose to drive your own car for a business trip, the following applies in our travel insurance policy:

2:11 Deductible protection
When damage occurs during a business trip to the traveller's personal car or motorcycle (does not apply to a rental car), the deductible is covered via the traffic or vehicle damage insurance/warranty at a maximum of 6000 SEK, provided that the damage has been cleared via the car’s insurance, and
• that the damage cost does not exceed the deductible and
• that the deductible cannot be replaced of another.
The cost of a rental car during the time your car is being repaired is not compensated for. Loss of a bonus or the equivalent is not replaced.
Travel app from Kalmar Länstrafiken is to be used for travel between Kalmar and Växjö. 
Please turn to the page for further information about travelling between Campus -
Keep track of the security situation when travelling abroad
Note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) may advise against travel to countries or areas with regard to the current security situations. Current information is available on the Ministry's website - Foreign Office advises against travel.

Please note! If you book your trip through our travel agency Stureplans Resor, they have information about what advice currently applies.

Time of submission for travel expense report
If the employer does not decide otherwise, the right to compensation according to this Agreement for a particular month expires if the travel expense report has not been filed within one year after the end of the month in question. (Terms of Agreement, Chapter 10 § 11).

Travel abroad
A traveller must submit an expense report to the university as soon as possible and no later than three months after the trip or ordinance has been completed.
(Foreign Travel Agreement, § 10).

If you have further questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources.