Train tickets Kalmar-Växjö

The ticket system for train travels between Kalmar and Växjö with Länstrafiken Kronoberg and Kalmar will continue in 2020. Your ticket (travel pass) is valid for economy class travels during the period January 2–December 31, 2020.

The travel pass for 2020 is printed on yellow paper.

NOTE! The travel pass is not valid on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. It is only valid on weekdays, in economy class, and without seat reservation.

If you travel with an invalid travel pass or with the university travel pass on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday you will get a fine of SEK 1000 – or be requested to disembark the train at the next station.

Travel pass and Certificate of assurance

The document Travel pass can be collected from the person in your administration who is responsible for travels, or at Infocenter in Kalmar or Växjö.

Please note that there are two documents that should be filled in. The certificate of assurance only needs to be filled in once, in connection to your obtaining your first travel pass.

Certificate of assurance (in Swedish Försäkran angående intyg) can be obtained through: S:\gemensamt\Resehandling Kalmar Växjö\Resehandling\2020. The assurance is valid for work-related train and bus travels.


How it works

  • In order to travel you will need both a valid ID and a travel pass – combined they are your ticket.
  • Collect the document Travel pass from your administration or at Infocenter and print the Certificate of Assurance which you find through S:\gemensamt\Resehandling Kalmar Växjö.
  • Fill out the document Certificate of assurance and send it to your human resources consultant. The document is to be saved as documentation for Skatteverket (The Swedish Tax Agency).
    NOTE! If you have already handed in a Certificate of assurance to your human resources consultant you are not required to do so again.
  • The responsible manager must sign and date the Travel pass, complete with the Linnaeus stamp. 
  • The travel pass should be laminated or alternatively put in a plastic pocket (A7 format). Lamination can be done by Repro in Växjö. NOTE! This is voluntary and not required by Länstrafiken.
  • Be prepared to show your travel pass to the ticket collector on any train on the Växjö–Kalmar line.

Unfortunately the travel pass is not valid as a ticket on local buses in Växjö and Kalmar. This means that claims for the costs of bus tickets must be made separately.

The various departments at the university will be debited with the cost for the travels in accordance with a proportinal distribution based on statistics from the previous year.

No compensation for dealys

No compensation will be paid in connection to delays when travelling with the university's travel pass.