Travel app replaces train card

During autumn 2020, Länstrafiken in southern Sweden will change their system and adapt to a new national ticket standard. This will affect our travelling between Kalmar and Växjö and our regular travel document, the so-called train card, will no longer be used after the turn of the year. After this, we will instead use the company app that is provided by Länstrafiken in Kalmar.

 All members of staff who travel in work can easily download the app to their smartphone. An appointed administrator at each faculty/office will ensure that all members of staff are added to the customer register. In order to travel, you must book a ticket for each trip. You can book train + bus, that is to say, all the way from Kalmar C to Växjö campus (and the other way around), thus avoiding the extra travel card/bus card. The ticket can be booked in advance but must be activated shortly before embarking on the train or bus.

We are currently working to appoint administrators for our different operations. The next step will be for the administrators to add ‘their’ respective members of staff to the customer register. It is preferable that you wait until you receive a link via text before you download the app – that way you can be sure that you get the right app and can confirm your registration.

Thus, at the time being, there is nothing you should do, but when you receive a text from Länstrafiken in Kalmar it is time for you to download the app. Up until 30 December 2020, you use this year’s travel document/train card, just like usual.

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