Information about Eurocard

Members of staff at Linnaeus University are to use Eurocard (SEB card AB master card) in accordance with the public-sector general agreement. Pre-filled application forms with our agreement number etc for the card types mentioned above can be found on this page.

Keep in mind that a valid e-identification may be required for online purchases. Only the person responisible for a credit card or purchasing account can indentify themselves with their Bank-Id.


With the Eurocard app you have full control of your payments and receipts. In the app you can see the limitation, your balance, transactions, and invoices. It also features smarter handling of your expenses. You can for example scan and save your paper receipts in the app.

Download the app for I-phone at App store and for Android at Google Play. For more information tur to

The following card types for Eurocard Corporate are available:

Personal responsibility for payment

Can be ordered by all members of staff. The invoice will be as an e-invoice or autogiro. Yearly fee about 48 SEK will be debited to the University. 
Contact Caisa Oskarsson at finance office in Kalmar if you would like to apply for a credit card with personal responsibility. You vill then receive a link where you fill in required information, approve terms and conditions, and sign the application using bank-id. If you choose not to sign electronically, you must print the completed application, sign it, return it by post to Eurocard together with a copy of your passport.

The application will be controlled by responsible personnel at finance office.
When an employment ends, the card is to be cut in half and disposed. You must also terminate your card, contact Eurocard at +46 (0) 8 14 67 37. Please also send information about the termination to Caisa Oskarsson, finance office, Kalmar.

Limit (procurement card) The public authority responsible for payment – central billing

Can be ordered by members of staff who make a number of smaller purchases on a regular basis. Comes with the possibility of optional purchase limit. Receipts are to be reported together with an invoice. The card cannot be used to withdraw casch.

The application is to be signed by your supervisor and sent by e-mail to Caisa Oskarsson who will arrange for an authorisered signatory approval (chief financial officer). In the event of the discontinuation of an appointment, this card is to be cut in half. When you would like to cancel your card contact Caisa Oskarsson, finance office, Kalmar and inform about the closure.

Procurement account

A card-less card account that can be used by multiple persons at the public authority. Used for card purchases where a physical card is not required, for instance when buying things on the internet. The application is to be filled in by an administrator, who will be responsible for the account. The application is to be signed by an authorised signatory (chief financial officer), since the public authority is responsible for the payment. The administrator controls who gets to use the account.
Contact Caisa Oskarsson, +46 480 44 60 51 or email