Hotel Accommodation and Conferences

To book hotel accommodations and conference facilities

You can book accommodation at hotels in Kalmar and Växjö directly by choosing among hotels the Linnaeus University has local agreements with. To book accommodation at hotels with a governmental framework agreement in Kalmar, Växjö and the rest of Sweden, see below "Book hotel accommodations – Governmental framework agreement". If you book accommodation through the travel agency a fee according to the pricelist will be added. Local agreement hotels can only be booked by contacting the hotel directly.

Conferences, see below conference facilities with local agreements and governmental framework agreements. Conference facilities with a local agreement can only be booked through direct contact with the respective contracting party.

Booking of conference facilities with a governmental framework agreement can be done through direct contact with the respective contracting party or via the travel agency. If you choose to book through the travel agency, request a quote for the booking fee before booking.

Book hotel accommodation – Governmental framework agreement

You can book accommodation at hotels in Sweden that has a governmental framework agreement by contacting the hotel.

Search accommodation at, see link below

  •  Start by selecting County/city/zone and quality category
  •  Then select hotel according to ranking, number 1, etc. in the city/zone in question
  • Contact the hotel directly by phone or e-mail
  • For agreements and price lists, see the label for each hotel
  • Booking rules, turn to chapter 3 in the contract
  • NOTE: Special cancellation rules applies for nine (9) guests or more!
  • According to law, the hotel must create and send an electronic invoice (e-invoice) according to Peppol BIS Billing. Remember to state your reference number/cost center! Keep our invoicing information ready before you book.
  • To obtain right price and terms according to the agreement, state that you would like to call off the governmental framework agreement.

It is important to always make the request to hotel number 1 in the zone/city you wish to stay in. If number 1 cannot offer the promised accommodation, then proceed to number 2 etc.

Please read the guidance on under “Hotelltjänster” for more detailed information.

You find all hotels in Sweden with a governmental framework agreement at Kammarkollegiet:

Note: Information about National Procurement Services (Statens inköpscentral) was established in 2011 and is a department within the central government agency Kammarkollegiet (the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency) tasked with providing administrative, legal and financial services to other public organizations.

Hotel accommodation in Kalmar and Växjö – local agreement


Slottshotellet, 0480-882 60

Hotel Svanen, Ängö. 0480-255 60


Teleborgs Slott, Campus Växjö. Telephone number 0470-34 89 80

PM & Vänner Hotel, Västergatan 10, 0470-75 97 00

Easy livin´ apartment, Fredrik Bondes väg 5, Växjö. Use the code "LNU15" when booking a flat with Stubor.

Destination Möckelsnäs/Möckelsnäs Herrgård, Diö. 0476-532 00.

Hotel Esplanad, Na Esplanaden 21 A, Växjö. 0470-225 80.

Booking accommodation with local agreements, contact the hotel according to the information on this page and request the local agreement "Linnaeus University". Inform about your purchase reference number (kostnadsställe) when booking.

For further information about the local agreement please contact the central travel coordinator or your faculty department

Hotels with Governmental framework agreement


In Kalmar, there are governmental framework agreement with following hotels:

Calmar Stadshotell, 0480-49 69 00 
First Hotel Witt, 0480-152 50
Best Western Kalmarsund Hotell, 0480-48 03 80 
Clarion Collection Hotel Packhuset, 0480-570 00

Outside the city centre: Scandic Kalmar Väst, 0480-46 93 00


In the centre of Växjö, there is a governmental framework agreement with the following hotels:
Elite Park Hotell, 0470-70 22 50
Clarion Collection Hotell Cardinal, 0470-72 28 00
Quality Hotel Royal Corner, 0470-70 10 00
Elite Stadshotell Växjö, 0470-134 00
PM & Vänner, 0470-75 97 00
Outside the city centre: Scandic Växjö, 0470-73 60 00

For more information about governmental framework agreement and prices please turn to

Conference facilities - Växjö

Local agreement

Linnaeus University has local agreements regarding conference facilities with:

Teleborgs Slott, Växjö, 0470-34 89 80

PM & Vänner Conference, Växjö, 0470- 75 97 00

Destination Möckelsnäs/Möckelsnäs Herrgård, Diö. 0476-532 00

Villa Vik, Lenhovdavägen 72, Växjö.0470-652 90.


When booking inform about the agreement with Linnéuniversitetet and your reference number.

Conference facilities – Sweden

Governmental framework agreement

Turn to for more information about conference venues and hotels that are part of the governmental framework agreement about conference facilities.