Renting a car, order taxi and bus

How to book rental cars, order taxi and bus as an employee at Linnaeus University.

More information about the rental agreement and all prizelists is to be found at:

Demands for rental cars is increasing, so book the rental car well in advance of your trip. If you are traveling a longer distance with an electric or charging hybrid car (especially during winter), discuss the issue and inform the rental car company of this when you book. All electric cars will be charged to 90% minus use for the delivery. Not fully charging is to prevent and extend battery life. Before departure, check that the car is charged, otherwise contact the rental car company with your complaints. Hybrid cars will be charged for a 50 km drive, minus for the delivery.

Renting a car

Agreement term: 2021-04-08 - 2025-04-07.

This framework agreement involves rentals of cars, vans and light trucks up to 3.5 tonnes.
Short-term rentals up to 30 days. Special customer code is to be used. Contact faculty office for more information.

  1. Sixt rent a car (Nordic MasterCar AB)

    Telephone: + 46 (0)480- 49 20 00

    Telephone: + 46 (0)470 - 34 77 50

  2. Mabi Sverige AB

    Telephone: + 46 (0)480- 158 22

    Telephone: + 46 (0)470 - 74 98 00

  3. Hertz

    Telephone; +46 (0)480 - 944 20

    Telephone; +46 (0)470-77 57 12

    Hertz applies electronic leases
    You will get the contract to your e-mail address provided in the booking. The sender is "noreply at". For further questions, contact the Hertz-office. Hertz has twenty (20) electric cars per station ( Renault Zoe/Megane and Volvo XC40/C40) and about ten (10) charging hybrid cars such as (Renault Megane/Captur). (2023-01-27)
  4. Europcar

    Telephone; +46 (0)480 - 137 50

    Telephone: + 46 (0)470-75 31 02

    Always check the car before you start to use it. We also recommend that you sign an excess risk elimination.  Cost for a rental car 149 SEK or for a mini bus 186 SEK. Do not forget to check your booking and invoice against the prizelist that you found at or ask your faculty office for more information. 

Long-term rentals Europcar, Hertz, Mabi, Sixt. Your choice among these depending on your needs.

Delivery of vehicles

Rental cars and buses is delivered free of charge, to the university and/or has to be picked up at the supplier's drop-off point during office hours, 08.00-17.00. All other delivery according to agreement, see acctual price list for respective rental car company at

The battery in all electric cars must always be charged to 90% before departure. Check the charge before driving off. Consider that the electric car's range is shorter in winter than during the warm season. If the car is not charged to 90%, minus the cost to deliver it, when you take it into use, immediately contact the car rental company and complain. Electric hybrids must be charged to cover five (5) miles. Minus consumption for the delivery.

Parking place for rental cars at Campus Växjö

There are five (5) marked parking spaces for rental cars in parking lot 10, Trummenvägen 2. The rental car must be parked in these spaces, since they are valid overnight. Keys to the rental car can be picked up and left at the Infocenter, building H, weekdays between 08.00-16.00. For other times as agreed with the rental car company.

Aimo-park is responsible for the control of parking 10 (night parking is forbidden for ordinary cars). Unfortunately, Aimo also fine rental cars. When it happens, immediately report the fine to Madelaine Hedin, Local and Service.

Check the car before departure

Remember to check the car inside and outside before you start to use the car. Photograph any damage and contact the car rental company immediately if you find any damage during the inspection. It is important that you do not use the car before contacting the car rental company if you discover that it is damaged!


For further information or questions regarding the agreement, please see:

Or contact:
Niklas Johansson 0480-44 60 97

Matilda Hallgren, 0480-44 69 02




Order taxi

Linnaeus University call off the state framework agreement for taxi services with Flygtaxi Sverige AB. If you wish to have your own login to book taxi, contact the contact person for official travel at your office or faculty or Caisa Oskarsson at the Finance Office. This applies only for taxi that is not connected to train or air travel. Taxi in connection to train or air travel is booked via the travel agency. You can also book other taxi services via the travel agency, which uses the same agreement.

Taxi please hold!

Unfortunately, Flygtaxi AB is experiencing great problems providing taxi services. Due to low demand during the pandemic, many taxi companies have stopped providing services. Contracts are now in place with new subcontractors, which will hopefully result in improved services.

Are you waiting for an ordered air or train taxi that does not show up? Immediately call Taxi on the phone number stated on your ticket/booking!

It is preferable that you call the taxi provider directly, to request your taxi before you call the travel agency. This will save you time!

For claims relating to the taxi service, contact the travel agency during office hours.

Order bus

New agreement for bus services is being procured. We recommend that you contact Dackebuss concerning delivery of bus services in Växjö and Kalmar.

Order routine

Orders are placed via email: and should contain:

  • Requested dates
  • Addresses for pick-up and drop-off of travelers
  • Number of travelers
  • Contact information to stated contact person for the trip in question
  • Any other requests
  • Billing information with reference number

The traffic management sets prices in accordance with agreement and sends order confirmation to the person at Linnaeus University who has placed the call-off order.

All communication relating to the orders is conducted via email to, alternatively via phone 0481-138 00, choose traffic management.