To book a trip

Stureplans Affärsresebyrå AB - our travel agency from the 1st of July 2022

Mandatory rules: To be able to use services provided by the travel agency you will need a personal travel profile at Stureplans Resor. Please contact your administrator or the central travel coordinator to obtain inlog information to your own profile.

At Stureplans Resor, you can book your trip through an online tool, by e-mail or personal service. 


The webinar where Stureplans Resor demonstrated the online tool is recorded (in Swedish but the online tool in English as well).   

Contact information for Stureplans Resor

Opening hours: Monday-Friday at 08:00-17:00 

Online booking

Stureplans Resor offers members of staff at Linnaeus University the possibility to book via the self-booking tool Stureplans Online. You'll need a personal travel profile. Once we have registered your travel profile, you will receive an email with a link to the self-booking tool.

Contact travel administrator at your facylty/department or central travel coordinator for help to create an travellers profile.

Book via e-mail by using the booking form

Send your travel request and attach a the travel booking form via e-mail to Stureplans resor . You are supposed to use the travel booking form to ensure that Stureplans have the correct information, in order for them to be able to offer you a good travel proposal as possible. Please remember to inform about your reference number and complete with all your first and last names as to your passport. This is a mandatory rule. An order without requested information will be rejected. 

Request the travel booking form "beställningsblankett" from the travel administrator at your faculty / department or from central travel coordinator.

Email: Stureplans Resor

Personal service

Telephone: +46 8 665 1000

Opening hours: Monday-Friday at 08:00-17:00 

Group & Event

Stureplans Resor can also be of assistance when arranging group trips, kick-offs or conferences. This includes different types of services relating to travel, such as accommodation, domestic flights, international flights, conferences, hotel, car rental, etc. Contact them for an offer.

Stureplans 24H

In urgent cases outside office hours, call the following number for forwarding to Stureplan's 24-hour service performed by Travel Support AB. (The service is subject to a fee.)

Phone: 08-665 1000 press 1 for call forwarding or call directly 0770-45 64 62

From abroad: +46 770 45 64 62

Contact information within Linnaeus University

If you have questions or problems regarding your travel orders, please contact administrators at the faculty office or the central travel coodinator Niklas Johansson. If it concerns an online booking via Stureplans, contact

Important information for everyone who has a traveler profile with Stureplans Travel - mandatory rules apply!

Update your user profile/traveler profile with your fully first and last name plus all your passport information also all contact information to give airlines and train operators a chance to reach you directly when something urgent happens, such as canceled flights, timetable changes, etc.  

Log in to Cytric online portal-My user profile-Personal information: At the bottom of the page there are boxes intended to provide information about email and mobile number, tick them. Enter your mobile number according to the format +467...and then Save. For passport information go to Travel document and fill in required information. 

The travel account with Lingmerth's travel agency is closed!

The Linnaeus University must comply with the LOU, thus the travel account linked to Lingmerth's travel agency is now closed. It is a breach of contract to make purchases via channels other than the procured travel agency Stureplans Resor. Linnaeus University also has an agreement with SJ and Kalmar county traffic for train/bus travel in Sweden. For travel abroad by train there is an agreement with Centralens Resebutik in Kalmar.

Contact details for Stureplans Travel can be found on the "Book a trip" page. Information on how to book trains, see

Contact information at Linnaeus University

If you have any questions concerning your travel bookings, please contact the person at your faculty who is responsible for business travel or the central travel coordinator Niklas Johansson.