To book a trip

How to book a trip

Through Lingmerths, you can book your trip either online, through personal service, or by using a simple booking form. Lingmerths’s web

On the web portal you register a traveler profile and book travel and accommodation.

As from May 1, 2017, Linnaeus University has a contract with Lingmerths for booking of business travel and accommodation in connection to business travel.

Traveler profile

In order for Lingmerths to be able to offer the best possible service and safety in connection to travel bookings, we ask you to register your traveler profile as soon as possible. You are yourself responsible for this registration and any changes to your travel profile. If you had a travel profile before you must now still register a new one now. You access your travel profile by filling out the profile form found on Lingmerths’s web portal. You will then receive an email with the login information, where you can quickly and easily add your personal information.

NOTE: You must save the form on your computer and open it from there for the "E-posta här" button in the PDF form to work. 

Booking online

Lingmerths offers members of staff at Linnaeus University the possibility to book via the self-booking tool Lingmerths Online. Once you have registered your travel profile, you will receive an email with a link to the self-booking tool.

Book via booking form

If you wish to send your query via email to, please use the online form to ensure that Lingmerths have the correct information, in order for them to be able to offer you as good a travel proposal as possible.

The booking form can be found on Lingmerths’s web portal.

Group & Event

Lingmerths can also be of assistance when arranging group trips, kick-offs or conferences. This includes different types of services relating to travel, such as accommodation, domestic flights, international flights, conferences, hotel, car rental, etc.

Contact information

Phone: +46 10-122 67 45
Opening hours: Monday–Friday at 08.00–17.00. 

Lingmerths 24H

Emergency service during non-business hours (Charged according to the price list, SEK 404)
Phone: +46 10-122 67 45

Contact information at Linnaeus University

If you have any questions concerning your travel bookings, please contact the person at your faculty who is responsible for business travel.