Travel abroad in the service

Personal safety when traveling abroad in the service

The human resources department has produced the document "Foreign business travel. Guidelines for personal safety" to increase your awareness of possible risks during business travel abroad. The document contains a list of things that you can consider before departure, during the trip itself, and in case of a crisis.

You will find the document "Travel abroad in the service - Guidelines for personal safety" here. (in Swedish)


Keep track of the security situation when traveling abroad

Please note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOF) may advise against travel to countries or areas regarding the current security situation. Current information is available on the Foreign Ministry's website.


You should also read the document about preparations and preparedness in connection with travel abroad in the service, "Travel abroad in the service - Guidelines for personal security (in Swedish)

Note! If you book your trip through our travel agency, they have control over which advice applies at the given time.


Insurance certificate for business travel abroad

A new routine is being introduced in connection with business travel. As an employee, you must take an insurance certificate with you on business trips abroad. This is to make it clear that you have business travel insurance that the Linnaeus University has via Kammarkollegiet. The insurance certificate replaces the Insurance Card that we used before.

The certificate can also be used when applying for a Visa or similar.

Foreign visitors who are covered by insurance through the Linnaeus University should also have an insurance certificate when travelling. These insurance certificates are handled by the HR department. Contact your HR partner.


Foreign trips

A traveler must submit a travel invoice to the university as soon as possible and no later than one year after the trip has been made.