Switch over to web-based work at a distance

Now that we have switched over to web-based work at a distance, many questions arise. On this page, we will gather links to pages that can be helpful. We will update this page with new links as more information is completed.

Help for teaching and examination

Groups and feeds that are good to follow (in Swedish)

Would you like to get help recording lectures in a studio environment?

At the Communications Office in Kalmar and Växjö, we can help you record lectures with a presentation in, for instance, PPT.
See example: Medieproduktion studion

The service is free of charge. 
Bring a computer with the presentation or just a USB and we will help you with the rest. 

How do I book? Send an email to: medieproduktion@lnu.se
State your preferred date, time, length of the lecture, and if you want to record in Växjö or Kalmar.


For work from home

Technical equipment

Tools for web-based meetings 

Answers to questions concerning your employment will be added shortly…

Do you need help and support

ICT technicians at each faculty

Student related information