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Meet the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences is one of Linnaeus University’s five faculties. We have approximately 400 employees and around 3500 students in Växjö and Kalmar.

Contact us

If you're not sure who to contact at our faculty, send an e-mail to

Reception desk in Växjö

In the Faculty of Social Sciences' reception desk in Växjö you can pick up your corrected exams. The reception is located on the second floor in house K, room K2066.

Opening hours

Monday: 10.00-12.00
Tuesday: 10.00-12.00, 13.00-14.30
Wednesday: 10.00-12.00
Thursday: 10.00-12.00, 13.00-14.30

Departments and subjects

The Faculty of Social Sciences is multifaceted and spans over several disciplines. We have nine subjects incorporated in six departments ranging from crime and conflict to politics, human relations, rehabilitation education and sport.

Department of Sport Science

Subject: Sport Science
Head of Department: Owe Stråhlman

Department of Pedagogy and Learning

Subjects: Pedagogy, Treatment Pedagogics and Special Pedagogy
Head of Department: Tobias Bromander

Department of Social Studies

Subjects: Sociology, Gender Studies and Peace and Development Studies
Head of Department: Glenn Sjöstrand

Department of Social Work

Subjects: Social Work
Head of Department: Magnus Karlsson

Department of Political Science

Subject: Political Science
Head of Department: Johanna Jormfeldt

Department of Education and Teachers' Practice

Subjects: Pedagogy, Education Sociology and Science Education
Head of Department: Mattias Lundin

Other institutes and centres

Institute of Police Education

Head of Department: Ola Kronkvist

Centre for Gender Studies
Coordinator: Sofie Tornhill

Centre for School Development
Coordinator: Goran Basic