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Pedagogy, Education Sociology and Science Education

Teacher education at the Department of Education and Teachers’ Practice.

Education is a crucial part of every child's development and possibilities later in life. A successful school experience will be rooted in the education and skills of the teachers. Therefore, the education of future teachers is an important task that carries with it loads of responsibilities. Together we will shape the preschool, primary and secondary school of the future. At the department of education and teachers' practice, teachers are educated for all forms of education. Teacher education is offered both in Kalmar and Växjö.

If you have any questions, please contact us at dlp@lnu.se.

Teacher education has a long tradition in both Kalmar and Växjö and currently consists of more 2,000 registered students. At Linnaeus University, you can study to become a teacher in several areas and within different disciplines.

Research in education and teachers' practice

Pedagogy develops new knowledge about and for education, upbringing, teaching, learning processes, and knowledge creation. It deals with how people communicate, are formed and change in different societal institutions like preschool, school, family, higher education, treatment and working life, but also as a result of emerging digital media and new practices outside formal education.

Pedagogy contributes with explanations and understanding of what and how people learn, but also how different societal changes create new conditions for what values, knowledge and skills are carried on. Through this, pedagogy also contributes with necessary knowledge for the steering, management and development of pedagogical activities.