Studenter på statskunskapen

Political science

Political science at Linnaeus University deals with core issues concerning how societies are governed and how power is divided. The world we live in today is characterised by many challenges and transformation processes. In many states, established political parties are being challenged and in some cases also the democratic system itself. The European collaboration is facing an uncertain future and increased divisions among the member states. On a global level, there are critical issues like global warming, refugee crises and terrorism. These are some examples of complex issues that are in focus in political science analyses.

Political systems and actors can be identified at a number of different levels and arenas – from the local level to the global – and, consequently, political scientists study the political processes that take place in municipalities as well as within international organisations. Politics has a number of different dimensions and these are reflected in the different sub-disciplines of political science. Within political theory, it is political ideas, concepts and ideologies that are in focus. Comparative politics focuses instead on the mapping out of differences and similarities between political systems in different countries. Administrative policy studies the design, steering and control of public administration. Within international politics, it is the relations between different states and other actors on the global stage, as well as what type of order is in place on that stage, that are in focus.


At Linnaeus University we offer a broad selection of courses within political science as well as specialisations within subjects like European politics, corruption and human rights. Most of our courses are available as both single-subject courses and as part of a degree programme. The department of political science offers a number of degree programmes and the possibility to choose a profile based on your interests. Courses in political science are also included on a number of programmes offered by other departments.

Research in political science

Political science is the scientific study of politics. The research in political science at Linnaeus University focuses on the representative democratic chain from citizens via political rulers to the consequences of the decisions, through studies of political behaviour, parties, parliaments, corruption, and the EU. The Department of political science centers this research on three research environments: Linnaeus University Research Group on Political Behavior, Opinion and Parties (LNU-POP), Europe Research and Governance, Ethics, and Corruption (GEC).