Students study sociology


Sociology is both a workmanship and a special way of thinking. Within the subject, human relations and different types of societal processes are studied. Thus, the fields of study within sociology are very varied – ranging from love between people, criminality and power relations to war between countries, migration, and inequality.

Sociology focuses in particular on understanding and explaining human actions and the cultural and social course of events and consequences that arise when people meet. These phenomena can be studied at individual, organisational, societal and global level.

For their studies, sociologists make use of a number of different methods – everything from ethnographic observations, interviews and studies of documents to questionnaire surveys, experiments, and analyses of so-called "big data" – in order to collect information and build knowledge about the phenomenon that is being studied.

Sociological knowledge questions our understanding of everyday life and provides new insights that can help us in our work to solve societal problems.

Sociology is one of three subjects at the department of social studies. The other two are peace and development studies and gender studies.


At Linnaeus University, you can study sociology both as single-subject courses and within the frame of degree programmes. Our courses and programmes range from first- to second-cycle level and we also offer third-cycle education within the subject.

During your studies in sociology you will, among other things, learn how to review and evaluate studies and investigations and to collect, compile and analyse information. These skills are in demand within many sectors on the labour market.

Thus, sociologists have the skills required to work with evaluation projects and to lead investigations and analysis activities within both the public and the private sector. In addition, sociologists often work with project management, reviewing commissions and organisation development – tasks that require both methodological and analytical skills.

If you choose to study sociology at Linnaeus University you will be part of an exciting academic environment. The first- and second-cycle education is inspired by and closely linked to the research carried within sociology at the department.

Research in sociology

The sociology research carried out at the department of social studies reflects the breadth of the subject. We work with qualitative ethnographic projects as well as quantitatively oriented questionnaire and experiment studies.

Our fields of research deal with, among other things, higher education, working life and labour market, age and life cycle, sustainable development, migration and integration issues, school and education, and youth and health.