Research at the faculty of social sciences

The faculty of social sciences carries out research within educational science, gender studies, peace and development studies, pedagogic, political science, social work, sociology and sport science.


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Ludwig Gelot

"I remember when I was a school kid and we were told to bring a bag of rice to send to Somalia, at the time when it was famine there. I remember how I carried that bag of rice. I laugh about it now because it's such an inefficient way of helping. For me research is my personal quest. I was born in this world, where there is violence and war, and I felt I wanted to understand the reasons behind it and try to make the world a better place. My goal is, through research and education, to try to give people in conflict zones tools so they can understand their situation and not get caught up in conflicts. That's what drives me."/Ludwig Gelot, senior lecturer in Peace and Development Studies.