Meet the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Departments and Subjects

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities comprises the following units:

Department of Cultural Sciences

Archaeology, Comparative Religion, Cultural Sociology, Geography, History, Human Geography, Library and Information Science, Philosophy.
Head of Department: Malin Lennartsson, Associate Professor in History

Department of Design

Head of Department: Zeenath Hasan, Senior Lecturer in Design

Department of Film and Literature

Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, Film Studies
Head of Department: Anders Åberg, Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Department of Media and Journalism

Media and Communication Science, Media Production and Journalism
Head of Department: Anja Kalin, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication

Department of Music and Art

Art History and Visual Studies, Arts, Music, Musicology, Theatre Studies
Head of Department: Eva Kjellander Hellqvist, Senior Lecturer in Music

Department of Languages

Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Spanish
Head of Department: Anna Greek, Senior Lecturer in English literature 

Department of Swedish

Swedish, Swedish as a second language
Head of Department: Jon Helgason, Senior Lecturer in Icelandic

Institute for Further Education of Journalists

Also known as The Fojo Media Institute, a media development centre for professional journalists.
Head of Institute: Kersti Forsberg

Contact us

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities consists of seven departments and a joint Faculty Office. Geographically we are located in Kalmar, Växjö and Pukeberg.

Mailing address:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Linnaeus University
S 391 82 Kalmar or S 351 95 Växjö

Visiting address:
In Växjö: Pelarplatsen 7 (house F, entrance 7), Linnéuniversitetet
In Kalmar: Universitetskajen, Hus Radix

Telephone (switchboard): +46 772 28 80 00

E-mail to the Faculty:

Personal e-mail addresses to staff members are written as follows:

Heads of Faculty


Bodil Petersson


Corina Löwe

Administrative Director

Ulrika Bengtsson-Verde

Administrative support for the Heads of Faculty

Anna Eskilsson
Faculty programme director

Carina Boman
Secretary for the Heads of Faculty

Anne Nygren
Faculty Secretary. Secratary at the Faculty Board's meetings, the Dean's decision-making meetings, and at the Faculty Education Council.

Cecilia Hartwich
International partnerships, student mobility, international projects