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English is a global language; today there are more people who speak English as a second or foreign language than there are native speakers. Our courses and programmes help students improve their English proficiency while studying English literature, linguistics, media, and culture – all with a clear focus on sustainability.

Courses and programmes

As a student at Linnaeus University, you can choose between studying English in the form of single subject courses (of which some are distance courses); or as part of one of our study programmes. With us, you will be able to broaden and deepen your knowledge. Studying English at Linnaeus University means participating in one of southern Sweden’s most inclusive and dynamic environments for language study.

English at undergraduate level

Level 1 deals with grammar, oral and written proficency as well as literature and culture.

Level 2 develops the ares from level 1

Level 3 offers courses involving a bachelor degree project of 15 credits. You can choose to specialise in lingustics, literature, educational lingustics or literature in the EFL classroom.

English at advanced level

At the master’s level, we offer a wide range of research-related courses and several programmes including the Master Programme in English Language and Literature (MELL). We also offer doctoral programmes and courses.

International possibilities

In the subject of English at Linnaeus University, we work with internationalisation at home as well as abroad. We have students from all over the world, many of whom are exchange students from our prominent partner universities. Our students also have the chance to study abroad, at one of these universities and departments. 

After your studies

Many of our alumni work as teachers or translators, but in-depth knowledge of language and literature is also needed in the fields of administration, media, communication, and culture. Our master’s courses and programmes prepare students for a career in academia, and it is not uncommon that our alumni successfully move on to doctoral studies.

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International students at a lecture on academic English
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Lecture in English language didactics for primary school teachers
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Seminar on children’s literature in English for school years 4–6
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Thesis seminar in English literature
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Seminar for primary school teachers
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English teachers on a field trip to Malta
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In the subject of English, we carry out exciting research in literature, media, communication, linguistics, and didactics, elucidating and analysing historical as well as contemporary aspects of the language and its literature. Several of our researchers are part of one or several of the university’s world-leading centres of excellence, focusing on intermediality, post- and decolonial studies, and digital humanities. We are proud to say that we draw on this research competence in our teaching.

Research projects affiliated to the English subject