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Today there are more people using English as a second or foreign language than as their native language. In our courses students improve their skills in the English language in studies of language, literature and culture from the English-speaking world.

At Linnaeus University you can choose to study English in individual courses or as part of a degree programme. Some of our courses are distance-based and others are offered on campus in Kalmar or Växjö. We also offer courses and study programmes at the postgraduate level.

The English subject conducts research in literature, linguistics and didactics. Both historical and contemporary perspectives on the English language and its literature are illustrated and analysed.

You can also study English as an exchange student at one of Linnaeus University's many partner universities around the world.

Many of our alumni work as teachers or translators, but advanced knowledge of language and literature is also necessary within fields such as public administrations, the media, communication and culture.


By studying English at Linnaeus University you can broaden and develop your knowledge. Choose from the range of courses and programmes offered, or contact us for a course or continual professional development tailor-made for your workplace.

Students, lecture, listening
International students at a lecture on academic English
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Lecture in English language didactics for primary school teachers
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Seminar on children’s literature in English for school years 4–6
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Thesis seminar in English literature
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Seminar for primary school teachers
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Teachers gathering
English teachers on a field trip to Malta
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Research projects affiliated to the English subject