Parthenon, temple, philosophy


In Sweden, philosophy is divided into two subdisciplines, theoretical and practical philosophy.

In theoretical philosophy, questions dealing with the possibility of knowledge are being addressed. Here the concept of truth as well as criteria of logically valid argument are of central importance. In practical philosophy, theories concerning values and norms relating to human action are studied and analysed. Concepts of rights, obligations, free will, and responsibility play a major role in these studies, as do questions concerning the contents of a good and meaningful life. Moral philosophy or normative ethics, in which concepts and problems related to right action are being analysed, as well as aesthetics, dealing with concepts of beauty and art, belong to practical philosophy. So does political philosophy, with its questions concerning human rights and a just society.

At Linnaeus University, philosophical  research is centred around the subdiscipline of practical philosophy.


Research in philosophy at Linnaeus University is conducted by Per Bauhn, Professor of Practical Philosophy. Per’s research interests are moral and political philosophy, with a special focus on topics such as human rights and personal morality. Per has also done research within the field of aesthetics.