Meet the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Linnaeus University
391 82 Kalmar/351 95 Växjö

Phone: + 46 772-28 80 00 (switchboard)

Mail: info.fhl@lnu.se

Heads of faculty 

Dean: Ian Nicholls
Pro-Dean: Kristiina Heikkilä
Administrative Director: Emma Vestberg

Departments at Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Department of Biology and Environmental Science
Head of Department: Per-Eric Betzholtz

Department of Health and Caring Sciences
Head of Department: Per Enarsson

Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences
Head of Department: Päivi Jokelä

Department of Medicine and Optometry
Head of Department: Peter Gierow

Department of Psychology
Head of Department: Judit Lindqvist