Students and teacher at the Faculty

Meet the Faculty of Technology

Departments and subjects of the faculty

Department of Built Environment and Energy Technology

Subjects: Bioenergy Technology and Sustainable Built Environment
Head of Department: Jörgen Forss

Department of Building Technology

Subject: Civil Engineering
Head of Department: Johan Vessby

Department of computer science and media technology

Subjects: Computer Science, Media Technology
Head of Department: Jesper Andersson

Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering

Subjects: Physics, Electrical Engineering
Head of Department: Pieternella Cijvat

Department of Informatics

Subject: Informatics
Head of Department: Patrik Brandt

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Subjects: Mechanical Engineering and Terotechnology
Head of Department: Andreas Linderholt

Department of Mathematics

Subjects: Mathematics and Matemathics Education
Head of Department: Marcus Nilsson

Department of Forestry and Wood Technology

Subjects: Forestry and Wood Technology
Head of Department: Åsa Rydell Blom

Kalmar Maritime Academy

Head of Department: Ted Bågfeldt

Heads of faculty

Dean: Staffan Carius

Vice-dean: Ann-Charlotte Larsson

Administrative Director: Håkan Hallmer